Volunteers in Mission

Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling and not just something that we do in our spare time after we have reached our personal goals. Through Volunteers in Mission every person in the church has the opportunity to serve and to live their calling and their lives more faithfully. And when we reach out in this way, using what God has given us in the service of others, we have "life-transforming" experiences. 

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Up-to-date information on locations and disasters

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Iowa UMVIM Committee

Conference Chair Linda Rowe -  vim@iaumc.org
Secretary Heather Brown - brownhl10@gmail.com
Central  Ron and Marcia Peeler - peelerpack@aol.com
East Central Jim & Sandy Hynek - jshynek@southslope.net
North Central   Kurt Ceynar - krceynar@hotmail.com

Dennis and Cindy Rippentropp - dennis@shamrocksales.biz

Northwest  Kathy Martin - gmakmartin@gmail.com 
South Central

Linda Rowe - vim@iaumc.org

Southeast Jeff McPheron - jamcpheron@windstream.net
Southwest Lori Shannon - jandlshannon198061@yahoo.com
At Large/Consultant

Beverly Nolte - beverly.nolte@gmail.com 

Liaison from Disaster Preparedness

John and Catie Newman  -  johnstruckfarm@wiatel.net