Healthfull Minute: Registration open for Fall Health Reset with Wondr

Healthfull Minute: Registration open for Fall Health Reset with Wondr

August 04, 2022

Submitted by Iowa Conference Wellness Coordinator Kae Tritle, RN

Introducing Wondr, a health-full eating/activity and behavioral skills program for improving well-being and weight. This all-digital health-fullness program is being offered to clergy, conference employees and their spouses who are currently participating in our health plan.

With the Wondr program, we’re giving you the opportunity to learn how to lose weight and improve your health while eating your favorite foods—at NO FINANCIAL COST. We are requesting that each class of participants share their experience with the Well-Being Coordinator to help us evaluate the program. 

Here’s how to enroll/apply:
Fill out a short application form here: Applications are open from August 15-27, 2022. The classes will begin on September 12, 2022. 
Here’s what you need to know: 
  • Wondr is a program that teaches you the skills you need to achieve lasting weight loss and health improvement while eating your favorite foods. There’s no counting points or calories, eating boring meals, or spending money on specialty diet food. In the program, you’ll also learn how to sleep better and stay on track during special occasions like parties, holidays, and vacations. Click here to learn more at
  • We’re offering Wondr to you and your spouse (as long as they’re enrolled in the IAUMC medical plan) at no cost. When applying for the program, spouses will need to fill out a separate application.
  • The program is video-based and all online. That means you can complete it using any internet-connected device; like your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
What is Wondr?
Wondr is an online program in which you learn the skills you need to eat the food you love, lose weight, and reduce your risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease. You will also learn skills regarding stress management, sleep and physical activity that will help you become your best self. This program teaches you skills to use over the long-term for a health-full life-style. 
This program is for persons whose BMI is 30+ or 25 with 1 other health risk. The program consists of weekly videos. The first 10 weeks focus on eating patterns and skills for coping with stress/emotional eating. The next 3 months focus on maintenance skills and your personal reason to continue healthy behaviors. The remainder of the year re-visits skills and provides encouragement to continue a health-full life-style. This gives you lots of reinforcement in practicing the new skills and living in a different mindset. Real-time, online social media and chat rooms are available to connect with other persons using Wondr for a supportive community as you learn and practice the lifestyle behavior changes.
Read what other Wondr (Formerly Naturally Slim) participants have to say: 
“I struggled to lose weight and tried diet, juicing, and endless plans with marginal results. Wondr provided me with the tools to be successful and make a lifelong change that I will maintain. It also gave me the confidence to pursue other projects I had put on hold.”
 —Richard M. 

“I have lost 19 pounds in four months [and am] off blood pressure meds. WOW-Helen C.
Use this opportunity to take care of yourself----You are worth it!