2019-2020 Appointments (Recently Released)

Released by Bishop Haller & the Cabinet

(Appointment date is July 1, 2019 unless otherwise noted)
Newly released appointments in red





Retirement (07/01/2007) (SC)
Retirement and Mount Ayr, First-Redding-Middle Fork
Retirement (07/01/2014) (NW)
Retirement and Anthon
Retirement (01/01/2019) (SE)
Parkersburg-New Hartford (NE)
New Sharon (SC)
Huxley, Trinity-Cambridge (NC)
Prairie City (CEN)
Urbandale, Aldersgate (CEN)
Retirement (01/01/2019) (NC)
Leave, Continuing Education & Spiritual Growth (350) and Boone, Marion Street
Charles City, Trinity (NE)
Returned To Denomination
Alden (NC)
Mount Pleasant, First (SE)
Burlington, Grace-Burlington, West Hill (SE)
Van Meter (CEN)
Ankeny, First, Associate (CEN)
Ogden, Community (NC)
Corydon-Millerton-New Zion-Allerton-Lineville (SC)
Extension Ministry, Associate Director for Congregational Execellence
Extension Ministry, Northwest-North Central Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence (NW)
Extension Ministry, Superintendent, South Central District (SC)
Wellman, Asbury-West Chester (SE)
Extension Ministry, Superintendent, Southeast District (SE)
Boone, First (NC)
Davenport, St. John's (SE)
Maquoketa, First (EC)
Retirement (12/01/2008) (SC)
Retirement and Lovilia
Extension Ministry, Associate Driector ofr Congregational Excellence
Extension Ministry, Southwest-South Central Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence (SW)
Retirement (CEN)
Urbandale, Walnut Hills, Deacon (CEN)
Retirement (07/01/2015) (SC)
Retirement and Blakesburg-Christiansburg-Mt. Zion (Blakesburg)
Spirit Lake (NW)
Manning-Manilla, United Church of (UM-PCUSA) (SW)
Des Moines, New Hope (CEN)
Extension Ministry, Superintendent, Southeast District (SE)
Retirement (CEN)
Des Moines, New Hope (CEN)
Retirement (NE)
Cedar Falls, St. Timothys (NE)
Discontinued Due to Retirement (SE)
Moscow and Wilton, Peace (SE)
Retirement (NC)
Sheffield, First-West Fork (NC)
Charles City, Trinity (NE)
Mason City, Wesley-Mason City, Grace (NC)
Villisca-Grant (02/01/2019) (SW)
Adair, Assistant-Casey (01/01/2019) (SW)
Retirement (07/01/2015) (NC)
Retirement and Ogden, Community
Retirement (SE)
Davenport, St. John's (SE)
Cedar Falls, St. Timothys (NE)
Laurel (CEN)
Retirement (CEN)
Newton, First (CEN)
Christ Community United Methodist Parish: Corydon-Millerton-New Zion-Allerton-Lineville (SC)
Earlham-Penn Center (SC)
Elliott (01/01/2019) (SW)
Rochester (02/01/2019) (EC)
Retirement (07/01/2017) (NW)
Retirement and Merrill, First-Adaville
Retirement (NC)
Iowa Falls, First (NC)
Retirement (01/02/2010) (NW)
Retirement and Rock Valley, Pioneer-Doon, First
Extension Ministry, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Lily Grant Administrator (EC)
Lisbon (EC)
Discontinued Due to Retirement (CEN)
Linn Grove (CEN)
Mount Ayr, First-Redding-Middle Fork (SC)
Slater-Sheldahl (NC)
Retirement and Polk City (02/01/2019) (CEN)
Not Appointed (SC)
New Sharon (SC)
Retirement (NC)
Manly, Bethel-Bolan, Trinity (NC)
Retirement (NC)
St. Ansgar-Little Cedar (NE)
Montezuma (CEN)
Ottumwa, Wesley (SC)
Iowa Falls, First (NC)
Kalona, Sharon Center (EC)
Retirement (07/01/2007) (SW)
Retirement and Noble and Grant
Newton, First (CEN)
Extension Ministry, Superintendent, South Central (SC)
Withdrawn Under Charges (360.3, 4.) (01/30/2019)
Polk City (CEN)
Retirement (07/01/2015) (SW)
Retirement and Tingley-Ellston
Retirement (SE)
Mount Pleasant, First (SE)
Retirement (CEN)
Van Meter (CEN)
Secular (CEN)
Killduff-Reasnor (CEN)
Retirement and Muscatine, Sweetland (SE)
Muscatine, Sweetland and Nichols-Cedar Valley (SE)
Leave, Personal (353.2a) (NC)
Nevada, First (NC)
Extension Ministry, Bereavement Coordinator, Mary Greeley Hospice, Ames, IA (01/07/2019) (NC)
Extension Ministry, Chaplain, Iowa National Guard (NC)
Indianola, First, Associate (01/01/2019) (CEN)
La Porte City, St. Paul (NE)
Olin, Community-Oxford Junction (EC)
Retirement (07/01/2013) (SC)
Retirement and West Liberty (SE)