All Conference Staff

Bishop Laurie Haller

Rev Dr J Robert Burkhart

Retired Pastor
phone 515-974-8903

Margaret Biggs

Treasurer/Director Administrative Services
phone 515-974-8919
fax 515-974-8969

Rev Dr Arthur McClanahan

Iowa Conference Director of Communications
phone 515-974-8906
fax 515-974-8956

Rev William Poland

Director of New Communities of Faith
phone 515-974-8926

Mr Bryan Johnson

Camping & Christian Formation
phone 515-974-8913

Shannon Bardole-Foley

Camp Registrar/CCMC Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8946

Dr Mary Bellon

Director Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling
8401 Douglas Ave Suite 3
Urbandale IA 50322-2910
phone 515-244-2994

Diane Brockmeyer

Exec Secretary to Bishop Laurie Haller
phone 515-974-8902
fax 515-974-8952

Sara Carlson

Admin Asst to the Asst to the Bishop for Administration
phone 515-974-8904
fax 515-974-8954

Felicia Coe

Assistant to LDM for Social Justice
phone 515-974-8911
fax 515-974-8961

Mrs Nitza Dovenspike

Conference Secretary Iowa Annual Conference

Courtney Glienke

Staff Writer/Social Media Coordinator
phone 515-974-8908

Emily Graber

Senior Staff Accountant
phone 515-974-8923
fax 515-974-8973

Timothy Horsch

Assistant Treasurer/Controller
phone 515-974-8936
fax 515-974-8986

Barb Mann

Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8905
fax 515-974-8955

Joni Mardesen

Dir Human Resources/Benefits Officer
phone 515-974-8940
fax 515-974-8990

Kristina Merfeld

Staff Accountant
phone 515-974-8938
fax 515-974-8988

Roland Minshall

Director Information Technology / Conference Statistician
phone 515-974-8924
fax 515-974-8974

Linda Remster

HR Benefit Coordinator
phone 515-974-8921
fax 515-974-8971

Nancy Renda

Administrative Assistant / Administrative Services
phone 515-974-8920
fax 515-974-8970

Dee Dee Sobotka

Administrative Assistant/Special Projects Coordinator
phone 515-974-8912
fax 515-974-8962

Alex Stambaugh

Systems Technican
phone 515-974-8941
fax 515-974-8991

Jill Stanton

Address Services/Journal Editor
phone 515-974-8917
fax 515-974-8967

Lisa Steel

Director Ministerial Services
phone 515-974-8939
fax 515-974-8989

Liz Winders

Associate Director of Communications
phone 515-974-8907

Rev Dr Heecheon Jeon

Superintendent Central District
phone 515-974-8910
fax 515-963-0443

Ms Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck

Field Outreach Minister Central District
phone 515-974-8914
fax 515-963-0443

Ms Wendy Lubkeman

Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8918
fax 515-963-0443

Rev Kiboko Kiboko

Superintendent East Central
phone 319-365-6273
fax 319-365-5310

Mrs Ann Zeal

East Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 319-365-6273
fax 319-365-5310

Rev Dr Harlan Gillespie

Superintendent North Central District
phone 515-832-2784
fax 515-619-5793

Mrs Alanna Warren

North Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 515-832-2784
fax 515-619-5793

Rev Jackie Bradford

phone 319-365-6933

Rev Jaymee Glenn-Burns

Field Outreach Minister Northeast District
phone 319-363-3119

Karen Wersinger

Northeast District Adm Assistant
phone 319-268-7502
fax 319-774-5524

Rev Dr Tom Carver

phone 563-355-5218

Rev Ryan Christenson

NW District Field Outreach Minister
phone 712-732-0812
fax 712-732-0955

Ms Judi Calhoon

Northwest District Administrative Assistant
phone 712-732-0812
fax 712-732-0955

Rev Paul Smith

Superintendent South Central District
phone 641-342-1644
fax 641-243-4128

Rev Dr Jaye Johnson

Field Outreach Minister S Central District
phone 641-342-1644
fax 641-243-4128

Mrs Susan Booth

South Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 641-342-1644
fax 641-243-4128

Rev Dr Lilian Gallo Seagren

Superintendent Southeast District
phone 319-986-2095
fax 319-774-5561

Mr Philip Carver

Field Outreach Minister SE District
phone 319-986-2095
fax 319-774-5561

Miss Sherry Swanson

phone 563-293-1361

Rev Terra Amundson

Superintendent Southwest District
phone 712-243-8573
fax 712-522-3410

Rev Melissa Drake

Field Outreach Minister SW District
phone 712-243-8573
fax 712-522-3410

Shannon Schmitt

Southwest District Administrative Assistant
phone 712-243-8573
fax 712-522-3410

Mrs Alyssa Mills

Director of Accounting Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8909

Rev Dr Katharine Yarnell

Executive Director Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8928

Cassie Parks

Accounting Clerk Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8929