AC2020 Live Captions

Click here for a video demonstration of live captioning for the conference session

Live captioning will be provided for the Iowa annual conference legislative session on July, 18, as well as the voting practice session on July 15.

To do this, open the zoom webinar using the link in your confirmation email.

If your screen opens up in normal mode, simply grab the right side of the window with your cursor, and drag it to the left to make the window narrower. You can also grab the window at the top and move it to the left of the screen

If your screen opens up in full window mode, i.e. maximized, Click the Restore down button on Windows machines to allow you to resize the window.

Once done, you can then resize and position the window to the left of the screen.

To access the live captions, first click on the drop down arrow at the top left of the screen. Next to live custom link streaming service, then select View stream on custom live streaming service. This will open up a browser window and connect you to the live transcript.

You should also start another internet session to connect to the voting system, the voter resize and position this new browser window alongside the other windows so you can see all three windows.

Demo of system in action.


Live transcriptions provided by