AC2020 Nominations

The District Nominations Teams have worked diligently to fill agency vacancies for the coming Conference year.  A Preliminary Ballot is available on our website at along with the ballot and board and agency descriptions and vacancies.  

  • Persons interested in serving in one of the open positions need to submit a Leadership Pool Form no later than July 8, 2020.  
  • An updated ballot will be posted electronically a few days before the Annual Conference session which will include any new nominations made by the District committees or appropriate agencies.  
  • Elections will take place by electronic vote during the Virtual Annual Conference Legislative Session on July 18. 
  • Nominations from the floor may be received for substitute nominees during this session, but must be submitted by 2:00 PM.
  • Lanny Hillyard, Chairperson of the Conference Nominations Committee, will move to suspend the Rules of Order to allow for the submission of nominations for three hours after the first Nominations Report during the Legislative Session on July 18.  

Three of our Conference Agencies do not have new nominations appearing on this year’s ballot due to the Disciplinary requirement that election to CFA, the Committee on the Episcopacy, and the Board of Ordained Ministry take place “at the session following General Conference.”  Current members have been invited to serve until new members can be appropriately elected at our 2022 Annual Conference session.  Where vacancies occur, the Bishop, in consultation with the Agency chair, will make appointments to fill these three quadrennial agencies.