Parking, Bus and RV

  • Handicapped Parking
    • We were able to secure 10 parking spaces to be used as handicapped parking in the lower south lot of Hy Vee Hall for the 2018 Session of Annual Conference. These spaces are by permit only, so if you feel you need one please click here for the handicapped parking permit request form and send it to DeeDee Sobotka at deedee.sobotka@iaumc.org by Monday, May 7.  As we only have 10 spaces, permits will be issued on a case by case basis. Those with the most severe mobility issues who are unable to ride in the golf carts will be given first priority. Of course, the IEC handicapped designated parking spaces will still be available. We will have one designated golf cart to pick people up in that lot.
  • Bus Transportation
    • Bus transportation will be available for the Marriott Downtown and the south side hotels as listed on the website in the AM prior to start time of Annual Conference Sessions and in the PM after adjournment each day.  You can choose to leave your car parked either in the Iowa Events Center parking lot during Annual Conference or at your hotel and ride the bus to and from Hy-Vee Hall.
    • Members of the Annual Conference will park in the North Lot at the Iowa Events Center. This is FREE parking.   Handicapped parking is in the Near North Lot.  Golf carts will be available in the Near North Lot for those with physical challenges to and from Hy-Vee Hall. There is also Permit Only Handicapped parking on the south side of the Events Center. There is a form on our website to fill out if you have mobility issues and need one of the south side spots.

    • Bus transportation will not be provided during meal break times to and from the hotels or the Grand View dorm since there is a Concessions area available onsite during meal break times.

  • RV and Campers
    • There are 20 electrical connections available in the NW corner of the Far North lot on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE basis.
    • If you will be bringing your RV or camper to the Iowa Annual Conference, it is $28/day plus a one-time $25 hookup fee if you want electricity.  Parking is in the NW corner in the Far North Lot.  A lot attendant from IEC will collect payment from you.
    • Please email DeeDee Sobotka at deedee_sobotka@iaumc.org to reserve your RV/Camper space in the Far North lot. 
    • Bring a long extension cord for power hookup. 

Petition Guidelines

  • Click here to read the Guidelines for Petitions submitted to the 2018 Iowa Annual Conference Session 

    Related to the Proposals of the Council of Bishops Regarding a “Way Forward” For The United Methodist Church

Pre-Conference Manual

Pre-Conference Orientation Sessions

  • Schedule of 2018 Pre-Conference Sessions:
    Saturday, April 21 South Central District
    9 am Pre-Conference Session
    Knoxville First UMC, 313 E Montgomery St, Knoxville
    Monday, April 23 Central District
    7:00 pm Pre-Conference Session
    New Hope UMC, 4525 Beaver Ave. Des Moines
    Saturday, April 28 South East District
    3 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Mount Pleasant First UMC, 309 N Main St, Mount Pleasant
    Sunday, April 29 North West District
    3 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Storm Lake UMC, 211 E 3rd St, Storm Lake
    Sunday, April 29 South West District
    4 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Atlantic First UMC, 800 Poplar St, Atlantic
    Sunday, May 6 East Central District
    3 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Living Water UMC, 1155 Grand Ave, Marion
    Sunday, May 6 North Central District
    3:30 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Asbury UMC, 921 Des Moines St, Webster City
    Sunday, May 6 North East District
    2 pm Pre-Conference Session
    Trinity UMC, 1400 W Bremer Ave, Waverly