2019 Budgets

Annual Conference Administrative Committees by Program

Annual Conference Administrative Committees Summary

Board of Camps by Program

Board of Camps Summary

Board of Church and Society by Program

Board of Church and Society Summary

Board of Discipleship by Program

Board of Discipleship Summary

Board of Global Ministries by Program

Board of Global Ministries Summary

Board of Higher Education by Program

Board of Higher Education Summary

Board of Laity by Program

Board of Laity Summary

Board of Ordained Ministry by Program

Board of Ordained Ministry Summary

Board of Trustees by Program

Board of Trustees Summary

Clergy Support by Program

Clergy Support Summary

Commission on Archives and History

Commission on Disabilities

Commission on Equitable Compensation

Commission on Religion and Race by Program

Commission on Religion and Race Summary

Commission on Status and Role of Women

Committee on Pastoral Care and Counseling Summary

Connectional Ministries Council by Program

Connectional Ministries Council by Summary

Council on Finance and Administration by Program

Council on Finance and Administration Summary

Council on Older Adults

District Askings by Program

District Askings Summary

District Connectional Ministries Councils by Program

District Connectional Ministries Councils Summary

District/Cabinet Funds by Program

District/Cabinet Funds Summary

District Funds (Other) by Program

District Funds (Other) Summary

Episcopal Funds by Program

Episcopal Funds Summary

Other Funds by Program

Other Funds Summary

Matthew 25

Working Capital Reserves Summary