Field Outreach Ministers

In 2006 the Iowa Annual Conference took a bold step to move United Methodist churches toward revitalization in the mission of Jesus Christ. As part of a plan to reorganize and redistrict the Conference, the position of Field Outreach Minister (FOM) was created. An FOM was assigned along with a district superintendent and administrative secretary to each of the eight new districts. 

Field Outreach Ministers are “free agents” for renewalgoing wherever there is an opening, doing whatever it takes, developing partnerships with clergy and laityto stir up congregations to pursue the United Methodist mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” They teach, provide resources, consult, preach, facilitate change, and support leadership. They listen, pray, advise, encourage, and challenge leaders to risk following Jesus into the new mission field which is their community.

The Healthy Church Initiative is one of the focal points of the work of FOMs. The world is changing very rapidly. The position of churches within American society and within our communities is very different from forty years ago. Long-standing habits, patterns, and customs of church life are proving less and less effective. Many believe the Spirit of God is stirring within the Church, stirring up a movement of renewal in faith and mission that reminds us of the Wesleyan origins of The United Methodist Church.

Do you want to be part of that movement? Your Field Outreach Ministers stand ready to assist you with decades of experience and continued learning at their disposal and at your service. Bishop Haller introduces the FOMs as an extension of the local church staff, so don't be shy. Call your FOM today! To contact Field Outreach Ministers via email, click on their name below, or call the district office telephone number listed. Click on the map to find out more about each district.

Katharine Yarnell

Field Outreach Minister
North Central District
Phone: 515.832.2784

Jaymee Glenn-Burns

Field Outreach Minister
Northeast Central District
Phone: 319.268.7502

Ryan Christenson

Field Outreach Minister
Northwest District
Phone: 712.732.0812

Jill Sanders

Field Outreach Minister
East Central District
Phone: 319.365.6273

Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck

Field Outreach Minister
Central District
Phone: 515.974.8914
Phil Carver
Field Outreach Minister
Southeast District
Phone: 319.986.2095

Melissa Drake

Field Outreach Minister
Southwest District
Phone: 712.243.8573

Jaye Johnson

Field Outreach Minister
South Central District
Phone: 641.342.1644

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