Evangelism and New Ministry Development



Our method to developing new ministry is an indigenous approach to the mission field. By using this approach, we aim to:

  • Participate in God's plan to reach people with the message of Christ.
  • Model and teach what Christ has commanded—to Love God and Love People.

In doing so, we envision grace-filled (favored by God), healthy, vibrant communities of faith all over Iowa from North, South, East, and West!

New ministry development includes both brand new ministries and those birthed from existing ministries.  


Our Strategic Plan for New Ministry Development

  1. FIND: We identify the mission field and prioritize emerging ministries together with the Ministry cabinet.
  2. EQUIP:  We establish, recruit, train and resource new ministry leaders.
  3. PLANT: We deploy those leaders to the mission field.
  4. MULTIPLY: We utilize best practices and provide continual resources for our leaders and churches throughout the lifecycle of their ministry context so that multiplication is a fundamental and distinctive characteristic of their existence.


Our Strategic Plan for Church Revitalization 

         Healthy Church Initiative

  1. HEALTHY CHURCH INITIATIVE I: Training, Consultation, Coaching Leaders,
    Pastors and Churches
  2. HEALTHY CHURCH INITIATIVE II: Continuing the Coaching and Keeping the Momentum Going
  3. HEALTHY CHURCH NEXT: Launching New Ministries All Across Iowa

Our Healthy Church Initiative Participation Conference Wide Goals 

  • Achieve 18% of Existing Church participation by 2018  (144)
  • Achieve 20.5% of Existing Church participation by 2019 (164)
  • Achieve 23% of Existing Church participation by 2020 (184)
  • Achieve 25.5% of Existing Church participation by 2021 (204)


The Evangelism and New Ministry team is headed up by Rev. Rebecca Fisher. She is the Leadership Development Minister for Evangelism & New Ministry Development.

Email: Rebecca.Fisher@iaumc.org 
Office: 515-974-8926  
Cell: 515-240-9363 
Facebook: http://facebook.com/rebecca.fisher81
Twitter: @theReb
Blog: www.rebeccafisherlive.net
                                                       Online calling card: www.rebeccafisheronline.com


Contacting us

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
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